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About Us

SmartWorld247.com is a unified ecommerce website that provides a convenient and secure way for Filipinos across the world to transact online, either by straight payment or even installment basis:
  • shop for telco products and manage their Smart World accounts
  • top-up their beneficiaries’ smart prepaid accounts over the air
  • pay utility and other bills on behalf of their families in the Philippines
  • send gifts to friends and family back home.
SmartWorld247.com is also the first ecommerce platform to enable payment via Smart prepaid load. Pay with load is an innovative solution that allows the uncarded and unbanked overseas Filipino entry to the world of online transactions.
SmartWorld247 is owned and operated by PLDT Global Corporation(PGC). PGC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PLDT with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, United Kingdom, United States and the Philippines.

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